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App Usage

Which phone models are supported?

Our platform currently works for all versions of Android. iOS is coming soon.

Is BrainAware a medical device?

No, BrainAware is not intended for medical purposes. The app is not a medical device, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information contained in our services is for informational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health or medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You should not rely solely on this information. Always consult a health or medical professional to address your particular needs and circumstances prior to making any health or medical decision.

How do I redeem a voucher code?

To redeem your voucher, please proceed as follows:
1. Open the app and navigate to the subscription page. The subscription page is part of the onboarding process when you first set up the app. After that, you will find the subscription page in the settings.
2. Enter the 10-digit voucher code in the designated field.
3. Click on the "Redeem Voucher" button.
4. Your voucher will be redeemed and you will have full access to all premium features. If you encounter any issues while redeeming your voucher, please contact our customer support team for assistance.

How does the app affect the battery usage of my phone?

The app is power efficient and uses less than 2% of your phone battery. It has no impact on your phone speed.

Why does it sometimes show high battery consumption in the phone settings?

In exceptional situations, it may happen that the battery consumption in the phone settings is temporarily displayed mistakenly higher than it actually is. The reason for this is that the operating system attributes inexplicable energy consumption, e.g., in the event of battery problems, to those apps that are running in the background.

Does my phone have to be connected to the internet all the time?

No, the app only requires internet connection to sync your data. It is designed to sync data using WiFi, and after multiple failed attempts it will tap into the 3G or 4G data. However, the app is very data efficient: data syncing requires very little data usage, ranging from a few KB to a few MB per month i.e. the size of a single photo captured by your phone camera. One year of user data is approximately 10MB.

How do I know the app is working?

A small '~ba' symbol is continuously displayed in the header at the top of your phone screen while the app is running.
Note: This does not apply to users with Android 13 operating system or higher who have not given the app permission to receive notifications.

Why don’t I see a score for certain days?

For each score, we give you a range that indicates how accurate our score estimate is. This typically depends on intensity of your phone use. For certain phone usage patterns, we don’t get enough data to make a reasonably accurate calculation. On such days, we don’t show you a score. Your score will be computed once you start using your phone regularly again.

Do I have to keep opening the app to ensure it keeps running?

In principle, you don’t have to open the app to keep it running in the background. The app relaunches by itself. However, we recommend adjusting your phone's battery settings. This will ensure the app runs smoothly in the background without interruption, while still consuming very little battery power. To do this, open 'Battery optimisation' in the app settings and the relevant instructions will open.

The background tracking of the app stops working from time to time. What can I do?

In some cases, your phone’s operating system may stop our app from running, e.g. due to extreme battery saving or low battery. To prevent this, we recommend adjusting your phone's battery settings. This will ensure the app runs smoothly in the background without interruption, while still consuming very little battery power. To do this, open 'Battery optimisation' in the app settings and the relevant instructions will open. Alternatively, simply open the app once a day.

Can I switch phone or use the app on a second phone too?

Yes, you can go to the Pairing page in the app settings to switch devices or pair a second device by scanning the QR code. You will be redirected to the app and both devices will be paired automatically.  If the app is not yet installed on your other device, you will be redirected to the Play Store. You can download the app and once it opens, both devices will be paired automatically. Once your devices are paired, all your data will be available on both phones. Synchronisation can take up to a few hours.

How do I stop the app from recording data?

To stop data collection, you can delete data and stop recording in the app settings or uninstall the app.
Alternatively, you can also pause data collection in the app settings.

How do I hide the '~ba' in the notification tray and the notification bar?

1. Long press on the notification in the notification tray. 2. Click on the small gear that appears on the top right corner. 3. Deselect the notification class called "QA Service". Do NOT deactivate "All BrainAware notifications", otherwise you will no longer receive any notifications at all. You manage your notifications in the app settings. In case you have accidentally disabled "All BrainAware notifications", go to the BrainAware app info in your phone settings and re-enable 'Scores Updates'.

Science & Technology

Why touchscreen taps?

Assessing the functioning of a brain is hard, because it is such a complex organ. Unlike other areas, such as heart diseases or diabetes, there are no simple blood tests that can give quick brain health insights. Traditionally, only laboratory-based tests and expensive brain imaging provide reliable data. QuantActions has developed a new way of deriving such insights in a user-friendly and economical way - purely from the way a user interacts with their smartphone touchscreen. It turns out that these screen touches contain very rich information about the brain status, for example relating to fine motor skills.

What data do you collect?

We focus only on touchscreen taps: We register when the user touches the screen to type or navigate. Important: We only collect the timing patterns of screen touches, not what is typed or where the user clicks. We do not collect any content, we only look at the timing patterns: tap - no tap - tap - no tap. Sounds simple, yet from this we can derive powerful insights into the user’s brain health.

How do you derive insights?

The timing data of the taps is sent to our server in regular intervals, where our powerful AI algorithms compare them to our database of clinical data and can detect patterns (“behavioral markers”). For example, the speed of tapping provides insights into the user's cognitive speed (how well the brain performs). Even very subtle changes in tapping speed over time can reveal changes in brain health (such as can occur with fatigue or burnout).

How much do I need to use my phone for the app to work?

Regular phone usage is sufficient to pick up the data to run our analysis. In fact, we encourage limited screen time as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

How is Cognitive Fitness measured?

Using your smartphone tapping interactions, we measure your cognitive processing speed which is a key indicator of your cognitive fitness. When monitoring cognitive fitness, components like tapping or typing speed are used. The focus is on the totality and consistency of your behaviour, not on individual maximum speeds. Don’t worry: we only capture the timing of your taps and not the content.

How is Sleep Quality measured?

Although we do not record exactly when you sleep, using your smartphone taps our algorithm can accurately estimate the likelihood of when you are sleeping. Using this data, our algorithm can accurately predict your daily sleep-wake cycle. This method has been scientifically validated in comparison with traditional sleep tracking devices.

How is Social Engagement measured?

Using our algorithm, we measure the level of social usability of a range of apps and capture the time you spend on them as well as your taps while using them. Again, we do not record any of the content of your app or what you do on them at any time or in any form, merely the time you spend using them and your tap movements on them.

Has this been scientifically validated?

Yes, there are 20+ studies ongoing or completed, and more to come. We work in a broad ecosystem of renowned scientific institutions, and our publications are featured in top-rated peer reviewed journals. See our Science section for more information.

Data Privacy & Security

How do you protect my privacy?

We take data privacy very seriously. First of all, the user is at the centre: this is your phone and your data, and we want to empower you to manage your own health. Nobody else can see your individual data if you don’t want to share it. The app collects your data anonymously: We receive the data only together with an anonymous ID that we cannot trace back to you. Data may be shared with third-parties in aggregated form (combining multiple users into a group anonymously), ensuring that individual records remain unidentifiable.

For more information, please visit our Ethics page or read our  Privacy Policy.

Do you store any content from my phone?

No content is tracked or stored. The app only collects the timing patterns of taps, your app usage patterns, the frequency with which you use your phone and limited metadata (such as phone model type, to adjust the measurements for accuracy). Nothing beyond that.

Which data privacy procedures do you follow?

The data is encrypted and sent over a secure connection. We are fully compliant with European GDPR privacy regulations. We value transparency and publicly share our research results with the scientific community.

For more information, please visit our Ethics page or read our  Privacy Policy.

Which permissions have to be enabled on my phone?

The app requires two permissions “Display over other apps” and “Usage access”. The only data the app collects through the first permission is the timing patterns of your taps. The app cannot record where you tap or the content of your screen in any form. The app will not display anything on your screen when you’re not using it. The only data the app can collect through the second permission are the names of the apps and how often you use them. The app does not record any content from your apps or any other details.


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