Understand what is best for you.
Optimize your lifestyle based on unique mental fitness indicators.

BrainAware allows you to effortlessly track and assess your mental fitness, giving you a deeper understanding of how your lifestyle choices are affecting you - all without the need to complete any tasks, tests, or lenghty surveys.

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Track unique mental fitness indicators

Metrics such as cognitive fitness, action time or sleep quality are derived solely from the timing patterns of your day-to-day smartphone interactions.


See your progress after a lifestyle change

Also discover how different aspects of your mental fitness influence each other.


Understand what benefits you most or when it's time to recharge

Recognise changes before you even feel them and react early on.

Decide & Improve

Make informed decisions to improve your mental fitness and wellbeing

Feel more confident that you are making the choices that are best for you.

Would you like to know how your lifestyle choices affect your mental fitness?

Did you know that regular exercise or better sleep can have an impact on your cognitive abilities? Track your sleep patterns, adjust your routines, and discover the positive effects on your cognition with our app.

Whether you have a hectic lifestyle, or want to improve your mental fitness and wellbeing, BrainAware is the perfect tool for you.

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No distractions from wearables or compulsory tests

Track and understand your mental fitness based on your day-to-day smartphone usage. All you need is a phone. Easily accessible and simple to use for everyone.

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We care about your privacy

Our app only collects anonymised timing patterns of your usual smartphone interactions. Nothing beyond that, no content and nothing that could be traced back to you.

Your benefits

Daily scores and trends

Carefully selected mental fitness indicators that are related to stress.


We notify you when you are trending upwards or downwards.


Connect your lifestyle changes with your mental fitness indicators.

No wearables

Purely phone-based.
Easy access and use for everyone.

Passive in background

No need to complete tasks, tests or lengthy surveys.

No impact on phone

Uses <2% phone battery.
Phone speed is not affected.


Scientifically validated metrics are based on the work of renowned scientific institutions.

Anonymous use

Our app only collects anonymised data and no content from your phone.


We comply with data protection laws to respect privacy rights.


Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our users say about BrainAware:

“Easy to use. No need to do anything extra.”

52 year old woman
from anonymous survey

“When I see that my cognitive score is lower, I consider going to bed earlier.”

Marcello, 35
Education Manager

“I like checking the relationship between sleep score and cognitive score. It motivates me to be more mindful about my sleeping schedule.”

43 year old man
from anonymous survey

“I like that most of its functionality runs passively without me having to spend a lot of time on the app.”

Martina, 37
Product Manager

“The app makes me more aware of my behavior.”

26 year old man
from anonymous survey

“I know that my sleep is not the best and when I see my score, it reminds me to go to bed earlier and that I need to sleep. That’s already cool.”

Devana, 33
PhD Student